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24th October 2006

Some of the #include directives were missing in the example programs available on the website, and also in those packed with the downloadable bundle for libLCS-0.0.3. I have rectified this problem to make the code available on the website buildable. However, I will not be changing the example code available in the downloadable release file for libLCS-0.0.3.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

23rd October 2006

libLCS-0.0.3 has been released. You can download it either by going through the download page, or directly from the libLCS project page on sourceforge.net. Find the changelog here. With this release, libLCS incorporates the notion of system time, facilitates delays, and provides sequential circuit elements like flipflops and clock. The API, as expected, has undergone changes to accomodate the new features.

The next release of libLCS will be with version number 0.0.3x (I have not yet decided as to what this x should be). As mentioned earlier, the current version (libLCS-0.0.3) facilitates delays . However, this delay is not an inertial delay. With release 0.0.3x, I hope to convert the current delay feature into an inertial delay.

The links to websites and documentation for older versions of libLCS can be found on the archives page.

What is libLCS

libLCS is a library for Logic Circuit Simulation developed in 100% c++. The ultimate aim of LCS is to become a thorough hardware description library matching the functionality of the Verilog hardware description language, while keeping the usage (and syntax) as intuitive as possible.

libLCS is still in very early stages of development and might contain a lot of bugs. Moreover, the API can get redone a lot of times before a beta version is released. However, you are encouraged to use it and report bugs and issues, if any, and help in making LCS popular ;-) and reliable. Use the above links to download, install, and start using the library. For bug reporting and feature/support requests, use the appropriate links provided on the libLCS project page on sourceforge.net. For problems with using the library, post your questions on the open forum, link to which is again available on the project page.

Like the library itself, this website is also under constant development. Hence, bear with any incovenience or lack of information. Do feel free to write in your comments to my yahoo.com id sivachandra_br. If you find the library usefull/worthwhile, then do let me know as to how it is being usefull to you. I am always keen to know as to who is using the library.


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