- A Logic Circuit Simulation Library in C++

A Note on Connecting Modules

The section on building modules detailed information on building one's own custom modules. As presented there, building functional modules requires the use of both lcs::InputBus and lcs::Bus classes. However, to connect a modules with one another (functional or block-level) in a circuit system, one only needs to use objects of class lcs::Bus to make connections. This is because, the class lcs::Bus is derived from the class lcs::InputBus. The notion of input busses and output busses are relevant (and very much neccessary) only internal to a functional module. External to a module, one needs to use only the lcs::Bus class objects to interconnect modules. All the examples presented in the user guide, and in the set of examples, use only busses of class lcs::Bus to connect up modules in the main() function. More over, only busses of class lcs::Bus are used in the implementation of block-level modules.

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