- A Logic Circuit Simulation Library in C++

Downloading libLCS

The release file of the latest release of libLCS can be downloaded from the links provided on the libLCS project page here. The downloadable zip file packages 10 items. A listing and brief description of each of those items is as follows.

  1. lcs - A directory containing the headers files (*.h) for libLCS.
  2. src - A directory containing the source files (*.cpp) for libLCS.
  3. html - A directory containing the latest libLCS documentation in the HTML format
  4. examples - A directory containing basic examples of using libLCS.
  5. bin - The directory into which the above examples will be built by make.
  6. lib - The directory into which a static library of libLCS will be built by make.
  7. objs - A hold for all the object files generated during compilation.
  8. README - A readme file which can be used as a starting point for exploring libLCS.
  9. License.txt - The GNU LGPL text file.
  10. Makefile - A make file which can build a static library for libLCS. It can also build the examples provided.

See the install page for instructions on building and installing a static library for libLCS. See the examples page and user guide for information on using the library.

Copyright © 2006, 2007 Siva Chandra