- A Logic Circuit Simulation Library in C++

Examples of Using libLCS

The following is the list of examples currently available. They are divided into 3 categories. Each of the examples is presented along with well documented code snippets. You can copy paste the code as it is to build working applications. These examples are also provided along with the downloadable release file for the latest release of libLCS. Help on building applications using libLCS is available here.

Basic Examples

  1. 1-bit Fulladder: A gate level realisation
  2. XOR logic using AND, OR and NOT gates only
  3. 4-bit Counter using D-flipflops
  4. 4-bit shift register using D-flipflops
  5. Delay Example - 1
  6. Delay Example - 2
  7. Delay Example - 3
  8. Delay Example - 4
  9. XOR logic using continuous assignment
  10. 1-bit Fulladder using continuous assignments
  11. 2-to-1 Mux using continuous assignment
  12. 2-to-1 Mux using continuous assignment with bit-selects
  13. Feedback around a NOT gate
  14. 1-bit Fulladder with continuous assignments on bit-selects
  15. Using bitselects as module port arguments

Building Block-Level Modules

  1. Implementing a gate-level module of a 1-bit fulladder

Building Functional Modules

  1. Functional module of a 1-bit fulladder
  2. Functional module of a 4-bit counter

Hybrid Modules

  1. 2-bit fulladder module as a hybrid of behavioral and block level compenents

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