- A Logic Circuit Simulation Library in C++

(Topic Guide) Setting the line states of a bus

Line states of only lcs::Bus objects can be set. lcs::InputBus objects are readonly busses. Line states of lcs::Bus objects can be set either bitwise, or as whole through the assignment operator lcs::Bus::operator=. Bus lines states can also be initialised to a desired state at the time of bus declaration. Examples of all the three possibilities are shown below.

lcs::Bus<5> b1;      // Declaration of a 5-line bus b1. Its line states are initialised to lcs::UNKNOWN.

lcs::Bus<3> b2(5);   // Declaration of a 3-line bus b2. Its line states are initialised to the binary 
                     // equivalent of the integer 5, which is 101. Note that libLCS is a little-endian 
                     // is a little endian system.
b1[0] = lcs::HIGH; b1[1] = lcs::LOW; // Bitwise initialisation of bus lines.

b1 = 25; // All the line states are initialised in one go to the binary bit equivalent of the integer 25
         // in the little-endian format.

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