- A Logic Circuit Simulation Library in C++

lcs::Simulation Class Reference

#include <simul.h>

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Detailed Description

A class which provides static members which manage the simulation system for the digital system built using libLCS.

Static Public Member Functions

static void start (void)
static void setStopTime (unsigned int stopTime)
static void setDumpFileName (const std::string &filename)
static void setTimeUnit (const TimeUnit &timeunit)

Member Function Documentation

static void lcs::Simulation::setDumpFileName ( const std::string &  filename  )  [static]

Sets the name of the VCD file which will be generated for simulation.

filename The full desired pathname of the VCD file.

static void lcs::Simulation::setStopTime ( unsigned int  stopTime  )  [static]

Sets the stop time of the simulation. The simulation, when started using the call lcs::Simulation::start, runs until the stop time.

stopTime The desired stop time in system time units.

static void lcs::Simulation::setTimeUnit ( const TimeUnit timeunit  )  [static]

Sets a unit for the system time. See lcs::TimeUnit to learn more about the available time units. The default is set to lcs::MICRO_SECOND.

timeunit The desired unit for the system time.

static void lcs::Simulation::start ( void   )  [static]

Starts the simulation.

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