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lcs::Tester< inBits > Class Template Reference

#include <tester.h>

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Detailed Description

template<int inBits>
class lcs::Tester< inBits >

This is a utility class to test a digital circuit. This class can be used to feed inputs to a bus at every clock state change. When a simulation starts, the instantiated lcs::Tester object will feed a different input to a bus (the bus with which it was instantiated) at every clock pulse. The values it feeds range from 0 to 2w-1, where w is the width of the bus with which the lcs::Tester object was instantiated.

inBits The number of lines in the input bus.

Public Member Functions

 Tester (const Bus< inBits > &inBus)
 ~Tester ()
virtual void onTick (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<int inBits>
lcs::Tester< inBits >::Tester ( const Bus< inBits > &  inBus  ) 

The only meaningfull constructor for the class. A default constructor is not explicitly provided. Moreover, the one synthesized by the compiler is practically useless.

inBus The input bus to the circuit to be tested.
inBits The number of lines in the input bus.

template<int inBits>
lcs::Tester< inBits >::~Tester (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

template<int inBits>
void lcs::Tester< inBits >::onTick ( void   )  [virtual]

The function which is used by the lcs::Clock object to notify a lcs::Tester object about an occurance of a clock state change.

Implements lcs::TickListener.

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