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Front Matter

What is libLCS?

libLCS is a library for Logic Circuit Simulation developed in 100% C++. One can use this library for design and testing of digital circuit systems. For more information, either continue reading this userguide further, or visit the libLCS website at

About this userguide

This userguide serves as a tutorial introduction and a reference guide to libLCS. New users of libLCS can use it to get started with libLCS. Advanced users of libLCS can use it as a quick reference for the various features of libLCS. However, the development of this userguide is an ongoing process. Hence, kindly bear bear with the incompleteness in few parts, if any. If you find any mistake/error, kindly inform the author by email at sivachandra[AT]gmail[DOT]com.


This userguide has been prepared with utmost care in the hope that users of libLCS can use this as a tutorial and as a reference guide. However, the author does not guarantee it to be suitable for any particular purpose and is not responsible for any unlikely loss or injury it may cause to the reader.

How to Read this Userguide

If you are a new user of libLCS, inorder to understand the basics right, you should read the chapters Preliminaries and Introduction to libLCS in the sequence they have been presented in this userguide. If you have been using libLCS for some time and would like to refer to the usage of a particular feature, then first locate a chapter/section/subsection title in the table of contents pertaining to that feature. The corresponding chapter/section/subsection will explain the purpose and usage of that feature.


This userguide was prepared using the GNU Texinfo software.

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